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Martial Arts Woman

Practicing martial arts doesn’t just help improve physical fitness, but it can also give you the confidence of knowing you are capable of defending yourself in a wide range of situations. This can be particularly important for women. Here are three reasons that martial arts are a great way for women to stay fit.

  1. Makes you less likely to be the victim of an assault

Numerous studies have shown that thieves and muggers target victims that often unknowingly give off subtle clues that they are easy prey. Practicing martial arts can give women confidence, which in turn helps them carry themselves in a manner that ensures they are least likely to ever need to use the skills they learn.

  1. Allows you to be better prepared in case of an assault

Unfortunately, while it is possible to be assaulted or attacked by a stranger on the street, roughly 75% of all sexual assaults are made by someone the victim knows, either intimately or casually. Unlike carrying mace, pepper spray or some kind of weapon, you will never be without your martial arts training. Unfortunately, we often let our guard down with people we know – or at least think we do. While you may walk on the street or late at night with pepper spray or some other type of handy weapon at the ready, you are unlikely to do the same around people you know, which makes you more susceptible to attack. With martial arts training, you can both let your guard down and always be ready to defend yourself at the same time.

  1. Great for overall health

Martial arts training does far more than just help you protect yourself, it also gives you a great workout. Walking, running or even doing yoga might be great for your mental health, but martial arts training can also give you the peace of mind of knowing you can handle yourself well in any situation. That may provide a far greater mental benefit than yoga ever will.