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Robert Luis Rivera

Martial Arts Instructor

 Robert Luis Rivera is an expert in Martial Arts who has been teaching the sport for over forty years. He has dedicated his life to ensuring that everyone has the right tools they need for self-defense if ever the need arises. He aims to instill discipline in his students so that they are better equipped to handle everyday situations.

Robert Luis Rivera achieved a master’s level black belt that has now provided him with the title of Martial Arts Master. Robert also has numerous certificates and specializations in a wide variety of areas. Some specialties include bully prevention, combat and survival tactics, and self-defense. Some areas of martial arts that Robert Luis Rivera is well versed in are Shotokan Karate, Ju-Jitsu, Okinawan Kenpo Karate, and Isshin Ryu Karate. Aside from multiple types of Karate and Ju-Jitsu, Robert is also knowledgable about Northern Shaolin Kung-Fu, Wing Chun Kung-Fu, Arnis Lanada, Pananandata, Aikido, fencing, boxing, and kickboxing.

Throughout the entirety of his career, Robert Luis Rivera taught businesses, individuals, and organizations in the ways of martial arts. He has also used his skills in martial arts to provide security for individuals and organizations. He offered his qualifications for such a wide variety of types of projects. One of his first roles was as a Martial Arts Video Game Character Simulator. He provided his knowledge of martial arts to help video game creators make a game that contained a character who could execute realistic martial arts moves.

Robert Luis Rivera has also worked with government organizations to provide expertise in specific areas. Robert developed training for the United States Marine Corp for Edged/Blunt Weapons in 2003. To even further expand his experiences, Robert worked with numerous pharmaceutical companies to teach their employees different self-defense strategies. He also worked for a company as their Chief Officer of Security and as a Personal Bodyguard for high-end entertainers in New York City. He has become well-rounded in his experiences through his jobs in widely varying industries.

After working in the Northeast in a wide variety of roles, Robert Luis Rivera moved to Florida and opened the American Martial Arts Academy where he is the Chief Instructor. He offers group and private lessons in martial arts for people of all ages. He wants to teach people life skills and lessons through martial arts. His teachings help people gain courage, character, confidence, self-esteem, self-defense, and safety.

Over the years in his many roles, Robert Luis Rivera noticed that there are specific skills that people may need to defend themselves in certain situations. As a young child, Robert was severely bullied, and through his first-hand experience, he realized the need for self-defense and bully prevention programs. Robert developed different programs specifically to help men, women, and children in various situations. He focuses on teaching others who have suffered from the rudeness and indecency of others how to manage the situation in the future correctly. Robert Luis Rivera has a proven track record in helping his students solve complex issues related to bullying and domestic violence. He believes that learning martial arts has many more benefits than just as providing a way to exercise.

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